Who we are

Welcome to Buffalo Roadhouse Music (BRM):  
Our mission is to create a unique musical and sound design identity
in tune to your message.

Our philosophy: grooving,
discovery, truth,collaboration


current events

Buffalo Roadhouse Music presents the latest video from the band Metalmorphosis. Metalmorphosis transforms jazz standards, motion picture and theater classics into Heavy Metal/Hard Rock anthems. It is a new unique musical idea that connects and appeals to audiences by presenting these classic songs in an amplified, energized and engaging way.

Collaborating with new and established artists in all types of musical genres is what we are all about. Below are selected songs from artists that Andy and his BRM team produced,arranged,engineered, mixed, performed and recorded with.


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Below are various commercials , infomercials, bumpers and instructional videos featuring music and/or performances produced,arranged,engineered, mixed, performed and recorded by Andy and his BRM team